The murals that can be found in Łódź have been discussed and appreciated by the media around the world! In 2013, the American CNN station broadcast a special material devoted to large-scale painting in Łódź. A year later, thanks to the murals, the American HUFFINGTON POST awarded Łódź the title of ‘The artiest city.’ The global art magazine ranked Łódź second among 20 cities with the most interesting art in the urban space. In 2012, GRAFFITI ART MAGAZINE, a prestigious French magazine presenting contemporary urban art, included murals in Łódź among the 5 most important street art projects in the world.

Also, they were reviewed by the major news programs in Poland: FAKTY TVN, POLSAT NEWS, TELEEXPRESS, TVN24. The weekly POLITYKA placed the murals in Łódź on the list of the 10 most interesting events in the visual arts category in 2013 in Poland. What is more, large-scale paintings on the walls of Łódź were discussed several times in the popular polish morning program DZIEŃ DOBRY TVN and on hundreds of websites all over the world. In recent years, murals have become an official landmark of the city. Tourists from all over the world come to Łódź to see the works of artists such as Os Gemeos, Alexis Diaz, Aryz, Daleast, Inti or Vhils.

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