Creating an art gallery in urban space requires a plan and no less precision than preparing an exhibition in a museum building. Such an art gallery could not lack murals, just like the exhibition – paintings, and the empty walls in the city center begged to be filled with the art of painting. Thus, the murals in Łódź gained the status of works of art and grabbed the international media attention becoming a magnet that attracts tourists from all over the world to the center of Poland. 

The richness of form

However, it couldn’t just stop at the murals. Walking through the corridors of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) or the Centre Pompidou, we do admire canvases, but not only them. There are also sculptures, prints, photographs, and films. Łódź also deserves this artistic diversity, which is why murals, that have become its showcase, were joined by special objects, temporary art installations, sculptures, bas-reliefs, and neon signs.

Versatile materials and technologies used to create them are intended to enable the walker to experience the richness of their forms. The streets of Łódź have been enriched with works made of metal, ceramics, stained glass, fabrics, wood, resin, flowers, polyurethane foam, synthetic grass, and electro-parts.

Artistry and visual education

– We strive to offer the recipient the widest possible range of artistic solutions, so that, apart from the strictly artistic plane, art in the city also serves the function of visual education – says Michał Bieżyński, urban art curator for the Łódź Events Center, who is responsible for most of the artistic projects in Łódź.

The works that we have a chance to see on the streets of Łódź do not adopt the form of a festival, but rather function as urban art. Following this assumption, next months bring various projects with formal diversity and thematic multiplicity that, in the artistic context, mean that everyone hiking through the streets of Łódź can find something for themselves.

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