The LODZ STREET ART website presents a collection of modern art in the urban space of Łódź. It consists of over 80 various street projects such as large-scale street art murals, temporary art installations, sculptures, reliefs, neon signs. Importantly, the authors of these works are leading street artists from around the world (including Brazil, USA, Japan, China, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Chile, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland). As a result, thanks to their commitment, an original art trail accessible to all the residents and visitors of the city was created.

Having been created continuously since 2009, these designs comprise a part of several international art projects. The common denominator of all these works is Michał Bieżyński who is:

– art director of the Urban Forms Gallery project (2009-2014);
– art director of the UNIQA Art Łódź project (2016-2017);
– originator and curator of the Ulice Słów project, run together with Mariusz Szczygieł (since 2022);
– curator of the Przecieki Sztuki project (since 2016);
– urban art curator for the Łódź Events Center (since 2015).

Over the last 14 years, art in the urban space of Łódź has gained great fame and the headword murals of Łódź has not only become ever-present but also used in several languages and hundreds of articles around the world. Large-scale painting has become an official landmark of the city attracting tourists from all over the world to Łódź.

The LODZ STREET ART website presents the crème de la crème of what we can find on the streets of Łódź in terms of art. Bon appétit!

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